Group rules

Vietnam Student Youth Association (VYSA TOKAI) Rules

Article 1: The Na
me of this Association is referred to as the Vietnam Student Youth Association (VYSA TOKAI) in Japan.

Article 2: The office
of the Office Main Association is 1-31 Kawashima Building No. 302, Himmuro-cho, Minami-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.

Article 3: Purp
ose a. Create a place where vietnamese students who are studying, working, and living in the Tokai region of Japan can share information such as study and life.
B. Cooperate for the cultural and spiritual lives of each member.
C. Develop ing ties between Vietnam and Japan and making friends with other Vietnamese and Japanese people working in the district.

Article 4: The date of esta
blishment of the Japan Association shall be November 10, Heisei 13.

Article 5: You can participate in the basic act
ivities of activities and mechanisms with your own will, and the policy of activities is based on discussions with members, and the branch is organized.

Article 6: Each activ
ity a. The branch conducts sports and cultural activities such as sports competitions, tour trips, and information exchange related to specialized fields.
B. Each member engages in activities to help and encourage problems in his/her studies and life.
C. Maintain, develop, and manage branch web pages.
D. We engage in activities to interact with VYSA and other VYSA branches throughout Japan.
E. To hold and realize other activities that meet the purpose of the branch.

Article 7: The branch of the b
ranch structure is configured as follows:
– Branch Meetings
– Branch Executive Commit
tee – Treasure
rs – Members

Article 8: The Branch Co
nference 7.1 Branch Co
nference is the highest meeting of the branch.
The branch conference operates in the form of a branch conference.The tournament is organized by members selected as branch presidents, one committee member, or regular members participating in the tournament.If the regular members who participate in the convention are more than a vote or a vote, the vote or the decision of the convention will be passed.If the conference cannot be held in a conference, a discussion may be held on a web page.There are an annual tournament and an extraordinary tournament.
7.2 The annual
tournament is held once a year.
The annual conference will discuss the following topics:
– Add or amend the Articles of Incorporation or vote on a new articles of incorporation.
– Elect branch presidents, executive committee members, and treasurers.
– Authorize the executive committee’s report, discuss and authorize the policies and activities of the next year provided to the executive committee during the term of office.
– Expel members at the request of the Executive Committee.
– Consider other proposed issues with the consent of one-third or more of executive committee members or participating members.
– Merge, separate, and dissolve branches.
The annual conference is held by the Executive Committee in accordance with the articles of incorporation of the branch meeting.Report on the branch’s website 30 days before the date of the annual convention.The plan and important content to discuss at the convention will be sent to regular members 14 days before the convention and posted on the branch’s website.
7.3 Extraordinary compe
titions are held when it affects the organization, activities, and prestige of the branch.
The extraordinary tournament solves the following problems.
– When the annual convention cannot be held, the branch will be merged, separated, and dissolved.
– Expelled from the qualifications of branch presidents, executive committee members, and treasurers, and elected new branch presidents, executive committee members, and treasurers.
– When there are not enough executive committee members or treasurers, we will vote as a substitute.
– Expel members who are contrary to the purpose s or rules of the branch.
– Discuss other issues proposed to the Executive Committee or full members of more than 50%.
Extraordinary competitions are held by the Executive Committee and regular members of the Executive Committee or at least 1% in accordance with the articles of incorporation of the branch conference.The contents of the extraordinary tournament will be reported on the branch’s website 14 days before the date of the special tournament.
7.4 The election of the Executive Committee’s E
lection System Executive Committee will be held twice.The first time, the top five people who were voted on the various information tools on the branch’s website, such as E-mail, Yahoo Groups, google groups, etc., will be placed on the executive committee’s roster.The second round will be held by voting for the branch president and executive committee member at a branch conference.Of the five, the person with the highest number of votes is the branch president, and the next two with the most votes become executive committeemembers.If two or three people get the same number of votes, they will vote again.

Article 8: The Executive Committee of the Bran
ch Executive Committee is a meeting that is responsible for the activities of the branch.
The executive committee of the branch includes one president and two members.
The term of office of the branch executive committee is two consecutive terms.
The decision of the branch executive committee shall be passed on the basis that two branch executive committee members or more agree.
8.1 The authority
of the Executive Committee of the Authority Branch is: – You ma
y decide the matters of the branch that does not enter the authority of the branch convention.
– Branch funds can be used for branch activities.
– You may nominate representatives of local sit-ins to participate in the annual VYSA convention.
– Members who violate the articles of incorporation of the branch may be disciplined in the form of a warning or warning.You may make a request to expel a member who is significantly contrary to the articles of incorporation of a branch to the branch decision contest.
8.2 The Responsibili
ties of the Executive Committee of the Responsible Branch shall be as f
ollows: – Report the activities of the branch to the branch conference and prepare a plan or policy to hold the activities of the branch for the next fiscal year.
– You must report the current fiscal balance to the branch meeting.
– You must carry out other duties to be commissioned to the branch meeting.

Article 10: The responsibil
ity of the treasurer shall be to collect membership fees and manage the branch’s fund.Or, conduct the financial activities of the Executive Committee and report the current state of the tax system to the Executive Committee every six months or at the request of the Executive Committee.

Article 11: The Member
Branch consists of regular members, private members, and honorary members.
10.1 Conditions for bec
oming a regular member: All Vietnamese stud
ents and young people studying, working, and living in the Tokai region of Japan must become full members of the branch if they agree to the articles of incorporation of the branch and wish to join the branch.
10.1.2 Rights and Obligations of Regular Memb
ers a. Right
s a.1 Regular members may propose and discuss the organization and activities of the branch.
a.2 You can participate in all activities organized and managed by the branch and share the well-being of all branches.
a.3 You can participate in a local convention.
a.4 Participate in decision proposals at branch conferences in the form of voting or voting.
a.5 You may promote other members and run for the Executive Committee.
a.6 You may withdraw from the Articles of Incorporation.
B. Obliga
tion b.1 You must comply with the proposals and decisions of the conventions and executive committees.
b.2 The prescribed membership fee shall be paid within the time limit.
b.3 We must actively cooperate with strong branch activities to improve the prestige of the branch and to expand the influence of the branch.
b.4 Unite and cooperate with other members in study, business, and life.
b.5 Do not honor a branch in order to realize personal activities.
10.2 Under Article 10.1.1, private member
s and honorary members, all those who do not meet the requirements of becoming full members are interested in the activities of the branch and can become private members if they wish to join.
Article 10.1.1 Allows you to become an honorary member when you do not meet the requirements of becoming a full member but actively participate in the activities of the branch and make various contributions to the branch.
Private and honorary members have no rights as set out in Article 8.1.2.a and Article 8.1.2.a.5, and are not obl
igated to article 10.1.2.b.2 except in the case of applicants.When private and honorary members meet the requirements of becoming full members, they can become full members.
10.3 Member’s admitted procedures Vnagoy
a members who are studying, working, or living in the Tokai region will be admitted to regular members of the branch if they wish.
Vnagoya members who have returned to Vietnam and have not studied, worked or lived in the Tokai region will be admitted to the branch if they wish.
In accordance with the provisions of regular and private members in the branch’s proposal, all members who wish to be members or private members are permitted to be full members or private members on the Executive Committee.At the suggestion of the Executive Committee, the Branch Congress decides to give the name ”Honorary Member” to members who meet the provisions of the Honorary Member as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation.
10.4 Members who leave th
e Club may withdraw after submitting a notification of withdrawal to the Executive Committee.

Article 11: The Decision of the
Honor and Disciplin
e 11.1 Executive Committee, which obtains excellent grades in study and work, and actively contributes to the branch, receives recognition from the branch, is promoted to the All Japan VYSA, and is considered by the All Japan VYSA. there is a possibility of getting an honor.
11.2 Members who violate t
he Articles of Incorporation of Discipline, and have a negative impact on the internal briefness, activities, and prestige of the branch will be subject to discipline, etc., subject to the degree of violation: the withdrawal of the members shall be ordered to withdraw under the provisions set forth in Articles 4 and 5.

We will prove that the contents of this Agreement are not true.
Representative CU GIA BAO, 1-1 Unsakugaoka, Tenki-cho, Toyohashi City, A
ichi Prefecture (A-217) Representative