Foreign children

The current Japanese country can be said to be a country dependent on alien human resources. The number of foreign people in Japan has increased to many recent years, and it must be something that anybody living in Japan knows. But if you learn more, there are still a lot more numbers in recent years. That is the number of children who have a foreign na
tionality. According to some statistics, the number of foreign nationality under the age of 15 residing in Japan at the time of 1 year 2018 is 214500, compared with five years ago, has increased 37000 p
eople. _ Most of the VISA family reunion (家族滞在), meaning that the little children pass here not to make money that is led through living with the fam
ily. _ at 福井県越前市 (Fukui Prefecture, Echizen) 武生西 Elementary School (Takefunishi) of 355 are studying in the 79 children have foreign nationality. The ratio is a child of foreign nationality. However, since many children do not understand Japanese, the school must design special classes for children
who have not known the Japanese completely, leaving their friends in their hometown to cross a foreign country. This is why it's not communicating with other friends, but still alone. The above
article is translated to summarize. You would like to know more can be viewed at the site below

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