From a thousand years old, the bamboo is no stranger to Vietnamese people. The image of bamboo villages in the green winding in the cool breeze gives humans a feeling of more correspondence than ever before. Bamboo in Vietnam’s history is also very powerful for helping Thanh Giong Chase. In the history of Japan as well, bamboo is also the subject of fairy tales, which is the manifestation of luck and indispensable in the festival… The Japanese believe that bamboo is a very mysterious and unique tree. It is regarded as a divine tree because in the hollow intestine of the tree itself is the accommodation of the Holy Spirit. One of the oldest tales in Japan is the Taketori monogatari (story of the Woodman) who speaks the belief. It comes
from 900 years ago and is famous in Japan, telling a beautiful princess from the moon bow to the ceiling. The poor woodbuilder discovered the tiny princess between the bamboo body and brought her home. The princess grew up very quickly into a beautiful girl, so there were so many people to marry, but she had to go back to the moon. Like a cement, she was only a high of less than a mordica when the bamboo was discovered and she grew rapidly within three months. Most Japanese children know this story under the name of Kaguya-him (moon Princess) in young children’s comics.

From early on, Bamboo has played an indispensable role in Japanese society. It is powerful, draining rod, very ductile and meets many of the demands used in everyday life.

Some shrines in Japan hold a market to sell bamboo shoots that are decorated with lucky items for local business people in January. With meaning will bring luck and peace to every home
. The biggest event was Toka Ebisu Festival in Osaka. In the early days of January, most of Osaka’s temples were cramped to choose for themselves an unsatisfied bamboo branch
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