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Foreign children

The current Japanese country can be said to be a country dependent on alien human resources. The number of foreign people in Japan has increased to many recent years, and it must be something that anybody living in Japan knows. But if you learn more, there are still a lot more numbers in recent years. …


Feral cats in Japan

 The Japanese have been a long time ago to know how much it is in Japanese wild cats. Of course, in large islands such as Honshu or Kyushu, such large numbers do not matter. But with the small islands of particular ecosystem in Japan, the foreign creature as cats are a nightmare.  奄美大島 (Amami Ooshima) …



 This year the G20 is being held in Japan so recent information about the G20 is posted quite a lot on the communication channels in Japan. The G20 occasion being held in the city of Oosaka 2 days on 28,29/06 This VYSA TOKAI would like to write a few brief introductions about the G20 event.  …