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Sunday afternoon 🔹, Jan. 12, 2020, Vysa Tokai and All Japan Sushi Academy and JTB Travel Academy held the "Sushi making Experience" event at All Japan Sushi Academy-Japanese Cuisine.

👉 this event towards everyone who has an interest in sushi in particular and Japanese culinary culture in general. Attending this experience were foreign people living, working in Aichi Prefecture and Japanese people for the first time having the opportunity to experience sushi.

👴 to All Japan Sushi Academy, 山田政光 with his students to attend, introduce and guide the Sushi stages.

🔪 at the experience, Mr. 山田 showed that people are meticulously and refined by the Japanese in the art of making sushi. Right in the use of knives, there are many types of knives used when making sushi like 出刃包丁 (Debabouchou) used for cutting fish head, removing bones, or 柳刃包丁 (Yanagiba-Bouchou) to Thai thin pieces of fish for sushi. 🔪

🍣 to those who have had the opportunity to enjoy sushi, sashimi or washoku (和食), it is possible for everyone to notice that Japanese people often use fresh pieces of fish that seem identical to each other and that even Japanese people do not recognize the difference between them. However, there is a fundamental difference, when sushi is made, the fish is Thai from right to left. With sashimi, the fish is sliced from the flesh of the skin and the Thai in the opposite direction. 🍣

🍣 after being heard about sushi art, as well as the Japanese cuisine culture, we are dedicated to making sushi that they hand or eat like Amaebi, tamago, Salmon,… and learn to decorate them. However, when we do our hands, we see to make a standard sushi piece that is hard. The art of sushi requires that we need to be meticulously and persistently practicing. Mr. 山田 understands that and tells us that sushi is a work that looks uncomplicated but it is really hard, a student of the academy must pass four new courses capable of making the standard sushi pieces. 🍣

🥰 about 3 hours of listening master about sushi art, Japanese food culture and the experience of our own hands, we the foreign people are very respectful and excited to have the opportunity to experience a part of culture in the land where we are born Living and working.

❤️ Vietnamese Youth Association in Japan-Tokai campus (Vysa Tokai) is pleased to thank those who have come to the event, and All Japan Sushi Academy Academy has created a valuable opportunity for the community to experience Japanese culinary culture.

🔥🔥🔥 upcoming, All Japan Sushi Academy is planned to host the next event on 1/3/2020 (Sunday). If you arrange time, expect everyone to come and experience the beauty of Japanese food culture

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