Firefly Festival

You're no longer exhibiting with the famous animated movie, "Lost to Japan's fireflies forest 蛍火の杜へ". So you want to be "LOST" to a fireflies jungle once. It's not going to be far from Nagoya there is a place where you can be immersed in the fireflies at the end of the early 5th
month of May 6th. At the annual Aioiyama Ryokuchi hosts a 相生山の自然を守る会 Firefly festival with the light up of the fireflies What's more romantic as you go with your loved ones to visit. While it's morning, the scenery is beautiful. What's more like having a selfie 😂

From Nagoya Station by Chikatetsu Metro to Nonani Station (野並駅) then take the bus to Minamitenpakkucyuugakku (南天白中学校) Walk the additional 9 minutes to Aioiyama
ryokuchi. 名古屋 = > 野並 =
> 南天白中学校 = > 相生山緑地場所: 愛知県名古屋市天
白区天白町大字野並稲田 2005-57Aichiken Nagoyashi Tenpakuku Tenpakumachi DAIZI
NONAMISEDA2005-57 Let your friends and loved ones come to see the
fireflies: from people living around

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