Biking in Japan

Biking in Japan and in Vietnam has entirely different strokes. When cycling in Japan, people must adhere to the same rules when participating in traffic otherwise will be very badly punished. In order to avoid a clear understanding of the Vysa Tokai Cycling law will share the way to join bicycle in Japan for everyone.
⛔️ if cycling in the evenings, people remember to turn on the lights. If the car has no lights can out the supermarket near the house buy a small lamp to attach to the car. If the bike is detected without turning on the light at night, the security will catch you and can be the most fine up to 50000 yen
⛔️ when participating in the traffic must be executive lights whether walking or biking. To protect ourselves safely. If the breach in Japan is likely to be jailed or a fine of 50000 yen
⛔️ in Vietnam the bike can carry 1 additional person behind but in Japan if the pass 1 person behind you has violated the law enforcement. Unless you pass a child under 6 years old, it will be accepted. If the breach will be fined 20000 yen
⛔️ and specifically do not go row 2 rows 3, obstruct and danger to the pedestrian or all the surrounding media. The fine will be 20000 yen
⛔️ whether in Vietnam or in Japan when we are drunk we should walk or go to public transport to protect ourselves and everyone around us. If the violation may be imprisoned up to 5 years or 1 million yen 😮

🛑 above are the rules when biking. People share to a friend who is aware to avoid accidentally violating the laws that are safe for ourselves and are not subject to a considerable amount of money. S
ource: 愛知県警察国際警察センター

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